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Site News: New HOWTO Section Started

I've started a new HOWTO section on this site, available at www.techstacks.com/howto/home.html.  The articles on this site are meant to be concise, single-topic items with instruction on how to set specific things up or to perform certain tasks.  For example, if you want to find out how to disable the trace method in Apache, there is a HOWTO on it that not only provides you with the modifications tat are necessary to be made to apache but also provides a way for you to test and verify that it worked.  

Currently there are only a handful of HOWTOs available but I'm constantly working on expanding the number.  The downside sometimes to running a technology blog that shares lessons learned, best practices, code examples, or other kinds of tips and techniques is that one winds up with numerous articles on items like disabling TRACE or different ways to verify it exists (or no longer exists after remediation), which makes it difficult to find the kind of thing you are looking for.  Now, there are pages specializing in particular topics.  

The following HOWTOs are now available:

    HOWTO: Set Up IIS and the Jakarta isapi_redirect Connector

    HOWTO: Disable Trace/Track in IIS

    HOWTO: Disable Trace/Track in Apache HTTPD

    HOWTO: Distinguish the Good SSL Ciphers from the Bad in J2SE5  

All these pages do allow comments and trackbacks but they are hidden and really meant more for feedback on items that I can then incorporate into the main page as corrections or updates.  Thanks for visiting my site today!


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