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Some Industry Coverage of the SpringSource Acquisition

It has been a few days since VMWare announced its intent to acquire SpringSource. The following links point to some industry coverage of the acquisition and provide some very interesting perspectives. 

The SpringSource Perspective

Matt Asay's Open Road blog on CNet talks about the acquisition and its effect on SpringSource arch-rival Redhat (and JBoss).  SeachSOA.com had this to say about the transaction's benefits to SpringSource.

Articles from a Redhat/JBoss Perspective

Sacha Labourey from JBoss (and later Redhat) provides some interesting counterpoints in his thoughts on the acquisition post on his personal blog.  (Obviously, these views may or may not be consistent with Redhat's views--and I am "dying" to hear what Redhat's official take is on it)

Articles from a VMWare Persepctive

Tony Baer's article on Ovum has an interesting analysis on the acquisition as it relates to VMWare and VMWare's competition in the cloud computing space.  Ars Technica also has an article on the acquisition.  Larry Dignan's article on ZDNet about the acquisition seems to conclude that it just doesn't seem to be enough to save VMWare from the steamroller known as Microsoft.  

My favorite was the piece that InfoWorld provided.  A metaphor for this would be akin to the best man at the reception toasting the impending divorce.  "Enjoy your months together because it will never work out..."


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