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Apache 2.2.13 Released

The Apache HTTPD project has announced the availability of version 2.2.13—a mere two weeks after releasing 2.2.12!   According to the CHANGELOG for release 2.2.13, this version has four fixes in addition to the ton of fixes and updates included in 2.2.12.

For those of you who take your security patching very seriously, this article should also serve as a reminder that you are no longer PCI Compliant. (This last sentence would probably look better wrapped in some kind of tag that conveys sarcasm. Where is that Semantic Web??! As a reminder though, setting ServerTokens to Prod is probably the single best way to "erase" a lot of low criticality/high frequency vulnerabilities that are based solely off of a version string)

Source and some binary versions are available at a mirror near you!


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