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On SSL Warnings and Text Link Ads

I'm not a user of the Ad Services that Text-Link-Ads provides. I signed up a while ago but have been rejected, presumably because my site doesn't generate a ton of traffic. This is probably the same reason why the Amazon Affiliate product links on this site result only result in referrals with no purchases. It's either that or I'm no master marketer--one or the other, (or perhaps both!). Be that as it may, I signed on to Text Link Ads site today and was greeted with the dreaded SSL warning that was the scourge of my professional life several years ago:  The Unknown CA Signer Certificate Warning


Several years ago, Verisign began signing their new certs with an Intermediate Certificate.   Only IIS will extract the Intermediate Certificate from the SSL certificate that Verisign mails to you--IIS users don't have to do much to use verisign intermediate CA signed certificates (unless deploying the same certificate across multiple servers).  Apache users must download the Intermediate Certificate from Verisign's site and either import the Certificate into openssl's ca-bundle or, preferably, include that intermediate certificate in the web servers configuration using the SSLCertificateChainFile directive.


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