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Changing Default Port Numbers in JBoss AS 5.x

This post has been converted into a HOWTO document, which covers JBoss 4.x and 5.x. See HOWTO: Change Port Numbers in JBoss for more information.
With the 5.0 release of the JBoss Application Server (Download JBoss AS5 Here), the Bindings Manager is no longer an optional component.

Nestled inside the bootstrap directory, which is a subdirectory of your server instance's conf directory is a file named bindings.xml. This file, although laid out in a different XML format, duplicates the port assignments from the JBoss Application Server 4.0 Binding Manager. Interestingly, instead of specifying actual ports, there is a function in the file that increments the default port assignments by 100 if using the ports-01 setting, by 200 if using the ports-02 setting, and by 300 if using the ports-03 setting.

If you want to change your server's port assignments so that it uses ports from the ports-01 setting, all you need to do is append a switch to your run.sh|bat file. If we want to run an instance that listens on the ports-01 assigned ports, for example, add:
to your run.sh|bat. That's all you need to do. Much easier than setting it up for JBoss Application Server 4.0.

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