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A Question for Visitors to This Site Using Internet Explorer

One look at this site and it is pretty clear that I'm no designer. I ran through some google analytics statistics for this month so far and was surprised to see that Internet Explorer only accounted for about one-third of the visits to this site. As it is a tech blog primarily focused on apache, tomcat, jboss and related items, maybe this isn't so surprising a statistic but today was the first time in the year that this site has been up that I visited it myself using Internet Explorer 7 and I have to say that this site looks terrible in IE.

I have no intentions of bashing IE or Microsoft here and I know I could spend some time trying to make the site work well across all browsers but the site pretty much looks the same as-is in Opera, Safari, Chrome and Firefox--only in IE do things look even stranger. This and the fact that approximately 35% of this site's visitors still use IE6 and IE7 has me wondering: Why DO technical users continue to utilize IE? I can understand if my visitors were typical Internet users but the focus of this blog and the search queries/referrals indicate that people visiting this site are looking for specific technical information, which implies "Developer", "System Administrator", "Webmaster", etc.—pretty much any one aware of the various rendering issues with Internet Explorer 7 and below.

If there is anyone out there visiting the site today and reading this particular post, if you could reply in the comments why you are satisfied with Internet Explorer as your main browser that would be really great.


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