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JBoss: Remotely Generating Thread Dumps With JMXConsole

If you ever have a need to generate a thread dump in order to try and figure out what might be going wrong with your jboss application server, you can generate them remotely using the built-in JMXConsole.

A few months ago, I really hated the built-in jmxconsole--mostly, it turns out, due to ignorance on my part. Now that I've getting more acclimated to using it, it's actually quite useful.

Simply access your server using the jmx-console URL: http://$server_name/jmx-console/ (which I hope you've password protected!). Then scroll down to the section labeled jboss.system. Select the type=ServerInfo link and you will see a page listing lots of useful information in a table listing default paths, jvm version information, etc. If you then scroll down beyond the table, there are some interesting mbeans that you can invoke. The one that will generate the remote thread dump is labeled: java.lang.String listThreadDump(). Click the Invoke button and the thread dump will be generated and displayed in-browser. Pretty neat!


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