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Gripe: Marketing, Development, and URLs

Just wanted to rant about another pet peeve of mine. As far as I am concerned, the disconnect between Development and the Business is no more pronounced as when the URL that the business advertises is different from the url of the application. For example, Development recently deployed a tomcat web application to www.site.com/webapp (not the actual name) and the next day, Marketing blasts the URL out to 20 or 30 thousand prospects as www.site.com/WEBAPP.

I mean really....haven't these two teams been working closely for at least the past few months developing this application? Has Microsoft's case-insensitive URL's in IIS completely lowered the bar when it comes to basic web knowledge? URLs are supposed to be case sensitive.

Obviously, it's relatively easy to fix with redirects, rewrites, whatever but how many requests wound up failing before the engineering folks got involved?


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