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Weekend Post: Blog Visit Summary

Last weekend's post proved one thing--7 months into this, I'm not getting that much traffic, which is ok. Supposedly, it takes a bit of time for that to happen. What's more thrilling for me right now, because this is the first personal site I've ever run even though I've been in the "webmaster, siteadmin, sysadmin, system engineering" space for 12 years, is to see where all the visits are coming from. For example, this past Tuesday, I had my first visitor from South Africa. Last Monday was my first visit from the Czech Republic. Visits from the U.S. are still highest but the top 10 countries outside of the U.S. contained a few surprises for me. Below is the top 10 after the U.S.:

Australia: 9 Visitors
United Kingdom: 8 Visitors
Germany: 8 Visitors
France: 4 Visitors
Italy: 4 Visitors
India: 2 Visitors
Japan: 2 Visitors
Netherlands: 2 Visitors
Czech Republic: 2 Visitors
China: 2 Visitors

Unexpected visits came from Argentina, Slovenia, Ukraine and Turkey, so even though volume is not high, it's nice to see the site has some reach.


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