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Apache-like Updates on the way for IIS

IIS 7 finally on par with apache 1.3! Okay, this sounds a bit facetious but two add-on features that Microsoft is introducing provide mod_proxy-style support and mod_rewrite support within IIS. The Microsoft URL Rewrite Module for IIS 7, which is in Community Technology Preview status provides mod_rewrite functionality in IIS. The Microsoft Application Request Routing for IIS 7 module provides mod_proxy-like functionality to IIS. Add this to the FastCGI support that was released back in March and it looks like Microsoft is finally trying to compete with Apache head-on. Heck, the URL Rewrite module even has an importer for mod_rewrite rules.

One thing that the Application Request Router provides, which appeals to the sysadmin/ops guy in me, that mod_proxy does not do is that you can configure health checks to monitor your back-end servers. This is one of the things presently lacking in mod_jk and mod_proxy. They certainly perform ping tests to make sure that the back-end system is up and running but they can't really tell if a back-end jvm is hung or if there is some other problem preventing the app server from serving up content correctly. Obviously, since I haven't played with it, I'm just reading a feature in a bulleted list of features so this could very well not work as I envision.  I'll have to play with it a little to see but it certainly could serve as a replacement for the IIS JK Redirector that the ASF provides for IIS.

Microsoft IIS 7 Implementation and Administration (Mastering)


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