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Jboss: Setting Up Log Rotation

I'm posting this from a position of frustration but the blog seems as good a place to vent as anywhere else. Jboss downloads through jboss.org are very developer-oriented, like I've probably said before. There is nothing more frustrating then restarting a jboss instance and then realizing that you've lost all your debugging and error information because the default jboss installation overwrites your server.log on startup.

"Why did the server go down?" asks my boss. I say, "Beats me...the logs are gone...but we're back up!"

So, the first thing to check when you inherit or build a new server is jboss-log4j.xml (or log4j.xml). Look for the following line ironically named "A time/date based rolling appender". By default, "param name="Append" has a value="false". Change it to "true" and restart your jboss instance. If it is set to false, you might as well get those change tickets ready.

Having it set to "false" is useful if you are troubleshooting server startup issues and you don't want to page through lots of log data. But in those cases where your NOC has called you after the server has restarted in order to find out why the app server was down, you're stuck.


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