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Blog Editors for Vista

As I mentioned in the previous post, I bought a new laptop that is primarily used for work. I would have bought a macbook but my tax rebate wasn't that good and even though many of the interesting sites that I run now are Apache/Java/Tomcat/Jboss-based, the majority of sites are still running IIS5 and IIS6. So, I stopped by a local large electronics store and found a Gateway laptop normally selling for $750 on sale for $600.

The machine is good enough for work but it is running Windows Vista. Now, I'm not planning on knocking Vista in this particular post but the one thing I've noticed in the two weeks or so that I've had this thing is that there seems to be a dearth of useful blog editors for Windows.

I've grown accustomed to using MarsEdit on my iMac but that machine sits upstairs in my study and I'm lazy. I don't think this blog will necessarily get to the point where I would be able to consider myself a professional blogger and "going pro" is over-rated anyway. The one nice thing about being an amateur is that you can be wrong and simply shrug it off to not being a "professional". If someone winds up posting some comment about how I'm suggesting something wild and outlandish or even downright wrong, I can just chuckle it away and blissfully write along enjoying my status as "amateur-blogger". But I digress.

If I'm going to continue to use Vista on this laptop, I'm hoping that if anyone out there is actually reading this, I'd love to know if there is any editor out there that will work with Blogger and is as good as MarsEdit. I'm tried Qumana, Windows Live Writer, Blogjet and I've been a bit underwhelmed. Right now, I'm writing this with the built-in blog editor in Flock, which seems to be surprisingly well up to the task. Blogjet looks the most promising of the commercial editors right now but I think I should post the question out there to those who might be more knowledgeable that me on this. Thanks in advance!


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