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Weekend Post: Site Updates from 8/23 to 8/30

Last week was not a very active week for articles on this site.  My day job kept me pretty busy but I still managed to post a few trinkets and news items.

The week started off that the Apache Software Foundation released an update version of Apache Axis2 and ended with notification that milestone 7 of the Apache Harmony v5 jvm was released.

As you can probably tell, this past week for me was filled with PCI Compliance remediation tasks centered around disabling TRACE/TRACK methods on web and app servers and tightening up encryption.  The third of three articles involving pci remediation and disabling trace on apache was posted on Monday.  Also on Monday, I posted an updated a powershell script that was used for testing the TRACE method so that you can now test for any method against a particular URL.  I've mentioned it before but if you are looking to get a very good book on Windows Powershell, Pro Windows Powershell by Hristo Deshev and published by Apress is a great choice.

Friday's posts were inspired by folks searching on google on how to disable the TRACE method on apache tomcat and on how to tighten security on a BigIP LTM-managed Virtual Server in order to disable SSLv2.  The latter post was expanded in order to not only disable SSLv2 but null and weak ciphers as well.


Weekend Post: Articles from 8/16 to 8/22

Today's post summarizes and links to articles I've posted to this blog for the past 7 days.

One of the Most Frustrating Things for Me About Vista

Got Explorer crash?

load-balancing with mod_jk or mod_proxy: lbfactor

An Introduction to lbfactor and load-balancing weights.

Apache Directory Studio v1.2.0 Released

Apache Configuration and PCI Compliance - Trinket #2

Getting rid of SSLv2, Null and Weak Ciphers from your apache configuration is fairly easy.

Apache CouchDB 0.8.1-incubating Released

Apache MyFaces Core v1.1.6 Released


Blogged Directory Rating - I'm...."Good"!!

A few weeks ago I submitted this site to be listed within the Blogged blog directory. I really like the layout and design of that site over some of the other directories that are out there. Today, I visited their site again, looked up my profile only to discover that I've gotten my first rating! This blog is......"Good"!

allsorts and notions at Blogged

In all candor, this 6.3 rating is pretty accurate at this point. I used to be artistic but those skills vanished when I started getting involved in the technology field. The design of this site isn't all that great--I could do better. My sister is a freelancer in graphic design. I sent her an email a few weeks back asking for some, **cough** free **cough** help and, boy, she must be swamped with paying customers! Too busy to respond even! I hope that the content is relevant and helpful to anyone visiting the site.

Things should change over the course of the next few months as I try to come up with a design that serves as a visual metaphor for the type of work that those of us in infrastructure and operations do. We are essentially cobblers--putting together solutions from various technology sources, both open and closed source, in order to meet the business goals of our employers. Integration of these solutions can be difficult at times and I have learned over the past 10 years that if you are a systems administrator, finding information can be tough. That is why this site exists. Developers and designers are spoiled!