Question: Why IE11 Isn't Rendering Content as Expected?

I've been running into rendering issues with IE11 lately where html pages are not getting rendered as expected even though they show up fine in chrome, firefox, and safari. I'm still digging into this but it seems like it could be due to Internet Explorer being put into Enterprise Mode for "internal" web sites, (where "internal" means any web site matching the domain name of the organization--for example, *.somedomain.com). Has any one else come across this?

Enterprise Mode defaults to sending an IE8 user agent instead of an IE11 user agent and the meta tag that developers are encouraged to place in their html (<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge">) is designed to tell the browser to use the best rendering mode of the browser. If IE11 sends an IE8 user agent because Enterprise Mode is enabled, does it then get rendered as IE8 even though the HTML could be standards compliant and rendered with IE11's standards compliant engine? 


CryptoNark 0.5.7 Released

Well, after an almost two year hiatus away from this blog, it's time for me to start posting stuff again. To kick things off, here is an update to cryptonark that fixes an issue with ssl certificate validation. You can grab it from the Downloads page and the changelog is available on the main CryptoNark page.

Thanks to Olivier Mengué for pointing this issue out.


CryptoNark 0.5.6 Released

Today, I am releasing CryptoNark version 0.5.6, which contains three notable changes/improvements:

  1. OpenSSL version detection has been updated up to the latest versions released on October 15, 2014.
  2. Due to the POODLE vulnerability, colorization of all SSL3 ciphers are now red regardless of cipher strength, which is an attempt to encourage people to start disabling sslv3 support on their ssl servers/websites.
  3. Added some preliminary SHA-2 certificate detection. If cnark sees that the SSL certificate on the site uses an SHA-2 signature algorithm, it will highlight that in green. If it doesn't see an SHA-2 certificate, it will display it in red.

The changelog for all released versions is on the CryptoNark info page and you can download it from my Downloads page.